How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

2022 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid


In just the last few years, hybrid and electric car technology has advanced greatly, making hybrid cars a more convenient and affordable option around Albertville. But some Boaz drivers still don’t know how hybrid cars work. CDJR of Albertville, offers a selection of hybrid vehicles and is happy to answer the question, “What is a hybrid car, and how does a hybrid car work?” So, keep reading to learn more about how hybrid cars work, and then contact us to get behind the wheel of one. 

Parallel Hybrid vs. Series Hybrid Vehicles

Whether you’re driving a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid or another hybrid model, hybrids are a fantastic way to improve fuel economy. But what is a hybrid car, and how does it work? A hybrid vehicle runs off of two power sources: a traditional combustion gas engine and a motor powered by an electric battery. The two power sources work together to reduce fuel consumption in hybrid vehicles. 

Parallel Hybrid

Most hybrids vehicles on Guntersville streets today are parallel hybrids, which means that both the electric motor and the gasoline engine are connected to the transmission. The car works on both power sources together.

Series Hybrid

In a series hybrid, an electric motor is also paired with a gasoline engine, but only the electric motor works with the transmission. In these hybrid vehicles, the electric motor is the only power source because the combustion engine acts as a generator for the electric motor.

How Are Hybrid Cars and Plug-In Electric Vehicles Different?

Now you know the answer to the question, “How do hybrid cars work?” how are hybrids and electric cars different? Hybrid cars run on the combined power of a gas engine and an electric motor. EVs use only electric power. However, some recent vehicles are starting to blur the lines between the two. Some auto brands now offer plug-in hybrid cars, which combine the advantages of both types of vehicles. These are some things to keep in mind:

  • Plug-in hybrids can go further on electric power alone because of their increased battery packs. 
  • For short trips around Gadsden, using a plug-in hybrid is much like driving an EV. You can rely on 100% electric power all day and recharge it at night.
  • If you’re heading out on a long road trip that exceeds the electric driving range, you can fill up on gas like a regular vehicle.
  • Because hybrid plug-in cars don’t rely only on electricity, they can fully charge in one to four hours.

Discover Hybrid Vehicles with CDJR of Albertville 

With the amount of gas-electric and plug-in electric cars on the market increasing, it’s easier than ever to find one for your lifestyle and budget! We’ve got you covered, from a pre-owned hybrid model to a new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. You can start the process by completing an online credit application and reaching out to us today to let our finance department help in any way possible.

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